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The Retro Hanukah 5779 Contest ourminyan.com,which rewards children for positive actions in shul, is running a Retro Hanukkahcontest. The goals of the contest are to return us to Hanukah’s spiritual roots, bring awareness and pride for Hashem’s gifts (our Jewish soul, spirit, and heritage), and inspire us to DREAM BIG  and maximize our Jewish potential. Here are a few ideas to think about.

• Travel back in time to recreate our past.

• Re-ignite your Jewish spark!

• Re-discover & maximize your powerful neshama and its capabilities l’shem Shamayim.

• FOCUS on the spiritual joys versus the physical pleasures of toys, presents,

and Hanukah foods.

• Remember the reason we spin the dreidel. The Jewish scholars fooled the Greek soldiers, making believe they were playing a game instead of studying Torah.

Join us on the wondrous journey of recreating our past and remembering who we truly are. This holiday, let’s understand how powerful a Jewish neshamais, and what it is capable of doing. To enroll in the challenge

The macabbees had every reason to be angry  their land , religion and heritage were being compromised . they could have lost there posture and gave in to helinistic society . instead they channeled there anger to bond with the creator of the world  and remembered the Hashem  promise to his people “ follow my ways and you surely will be protected by me “  

This contest will be about choosing a set time where you will not get angry and become a better person that will you must read below to understand what anger ) pick a set time every day and not be angry must at least 10 minutes if you succeed, you can enter the contest up to eight times. once every day during Chanukka 


ANGER DeFINED BELOW and explained 


What is anger ?

Anger   has over 1000 synonyms such as being unhappy, slighted ,upset  , frustrated ,infuriated , outraged , annoyed , mad , worked up . aggravated , hostile, raging, sore,etc

Health reasons caused by anger

  • headache
  • digestion problems, such as abdominal pain
  • insomnia
  • increased anxiety
  • depression
  • high blood pressure
  • skin problems, such as eczema
  • heart attack
  • stroke.


What should I do when I feel angry?

I should think how did my forefather handle themselves when things didn’t work out for them I should understand that the our sages teach us when someone gets angry he lets anger enter his body and do crazy things normally not done to better explain this idea imagine allowing iran to control usa for  1 day what kind of sister that would cause the the country 

 Think about the words that we can say when were upset and the regret will have with family friends , colleagues and loved ones when our anger subsides . destroying relationship with family friends and loved ones 


When can I  get angry in positive matter?

if getting angry for the sake of another person you can get angry only on the exterior . you can not get angry from with in from the heart .example if your child is crossing  the street when there is traffic. you can  show anger in order to send a message how much you care about the child and how important it is not to do it again  


What shouldn’t I say when I am angry - a person shouldn’t shift anger and make all about himself /herself 

“ after all I have done for you this is how you talk to me !“ that is a very selfish anger and should never be used 


Why do I get angry ?

I will give you an example if  someone called you purple would you be upset ofcourse not because you are not purple . however if someone called you shorty and you are short you might get angry because you are not happy about being short which brings us to next subject 


Who gets angry – a person  who is not in peace with himself such , he is short and is unhappy with that so a quick resolution is accepting who you are and doing your best with your G-d GIVEN ABILITIES 

How  can conquer anger ?

funny you asked the gemara answers that question it says you anger is the teacher , how so I will give an example lets say two kids are kids are palaying car racing one the cars break the kids strt fighting you broke my car . you did it on puro pose  – you come and tell children what are you fighting over the toy car you guys have been friends for years  its only a toy  the kids listen and make up -its very clear to the adult . a few weeks later  your friend asks your car and you being a good friend lend to him , your friends brings it back with a few scratches your fuming , your kids over hear you and say dad why so upset its only a acr is it worth ruining your friendship over a car . learn from advise you give others and apply to yourself